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An Annuity Trust: Predictable

Are you uncomfortable letting your future retirement dollars ride the ups and downs of the stock market and bond market?  Do you consider short-term money market rates too unstable and less appealing?

You can choose a secure investment vehicle for your money—and incorporate a gift supporting the Bogart Pediatric Cancer Research Program through an annuity trust.

How It Works

This plan will pay you a fixed dollar amount every year for the rest of your life, with no investment worries or responsibilities.  Then, after your lifetime (and the lifetime of a surviving beneficiary, if desired), the trust remainder is available for our work.

At the onset, you decide the amount to be paid to you each year from the trust.  Then you irrevocably transfer assets to fund your annuity trust.  You’ll receive income from the investment of assets, and it will be the same amount for the rest of your life, regardless of changing interest rates and stock market fluctuations.

Look at the tax advantages:  you can take an income tax charitable deduction in the year you establish your trust.  And a gift of appreciated securities can ensure even more valuable tax savings because you avoid any tax on the capital gain.

Weigh the Benefits You Can Enjoy

Consider these attractive features a annuity trust offers you:

An annuity trust is especially appropriate for older donors who are not concerned about inflation as they are about investment stability.