Special Promotions

I'm Tired Of... Pediatric Cancer

We're "tired" of so many things... disease, global warming, animal cruelty... and we're ready to do something about it! You can help us by making a small purchase of a cool eco friendly bracelet. I'mTired... donates half the sale of each bracelet to some great charities, who are working towards a better future for us all. The bracelets are made from recycled tires and metal, which would end up in a landfill (yuck!). Show your support for causes that are close to your heart. Come on... what are you tired of? For more information, click here.

Give Back!

Bogart Properties is proud to announce its new "Give Back Program". As an active client of ours you have the chance to practice philanthropy at no cost to yourself. Just mention the program anytime we represent you in a real estate transaction and we will donate ten percent of our profits to the charity you choose from our top 12 charity list.

Because we feel that spending our profits on our favorite charities is the best way to change the world for the better.

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Bogart Properties
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